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Regional Cup match-making
Llama Coach
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Posted on 2023-11-03 19:22:52
How about having it so that in the Regional Cup tournaments teams which actually have real human managers wouldn't be scheduled to play another team with another real human manager when/if there are still bot teams playing other bot teams?

For example, this week my team, a TD club in my region, has to play another TD human-managed team, while there are literally dozens of other matches with bots playing other bots. This means that at least one TD team (yes, very probably mine) will be eliminated in just Round 4, thereby losing all of the potential, and much needed, Cup match ticket revenue which otherwise might have been earned, while at the same time bot teams will continue to get that revenue even though it will never be used.

Once there aren't enough bot teams to go around then managed teams could be scheduled to play other managed teams, regardless of division levels. This could get the bot-stomping out of the way for everyone in the earlier rounds, giving all managed teams more revenue, while at the same time setting the stage for better competitions in the later rounds.

And this consideration should apply to all human-managed teams, regardless of what division they are in. In many ways this may prove to be especially helpful to newer managers in the lower divisions because it may allow them to avoid early-round games against upper-division foes which they are sure to lose, thereby giving them a few more income-producing games under their belts so that they can actually build up their squad into becoming more competitive, and therefore less inclined to drop out of GI completely.

Face it, there are few enough managers even playing GI any more. If there is any real intent on keeping the game going doesn't it make sense to make it as easy as possible for those few managers still playing to be able to afford to keep their team together? This might help a little.

Yes, I know this topic has been discussed in the past, within other posts, but here it is in a new post of its own, and I am curious as to whether current managers might have any additional ideas on how this might be implemented - especially if they know something about computer game programming.