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New Zealand Results
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Posted on 2012-04-19 9:48:13
35-24 to Brazil. But it was a very even contest for the first three quarters - in fact, the scores were locked on 21-21 at the end of the third quarter! So it was only in the final quarter that Brazil pulled away with two late touchdowns.

End of the day, we did everything but actually get over the line! Still, this has been quite an encouraging season, and NZ's four wins is a personal best. I definitely plan to be a bit more active in recruiting players next season. Need to get some new blood in anyway, as two or three members of the existing squad are retiring!
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Posted on 2012-07-11 8:51:16
The new international season is upon us. New Zealand has been drawn with:


Switzerland - Just outside the top ten. Will also be tough.

Mexico - We have a chance there, and we will really need to beat them to have any sort of a shot at qualifying.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - One of the few teams ranked below NZ, so we've definitely got to aim to beat them twice.

I have overhauled the team this season, and I reckon it's about the strongest New Zealand has ever put out. But we'll probably still get thrashed in our first game against the USA on Friday.
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Posted on 2012-07-13 8:32:04
New Zealand 31 USA 28

No, your eyes do not deceive you. THE BLACK HELMETS BEAT THE USA!!!

Little old New Zealand, with its limited talent pool and more than mediocre win-loss record, beat the mighty No. 1-ranked USA, the home of grid-iron (after all, they do call it American football).

The final difference was a field goal by Danny Yates, formerly of the Shaky Islanders, my old team.

Mike Leota had a stellar game, going 26-for-48 for a total of 381 yards and 4 TDs. He threw no interceptions, but the American quarterback threw two, one of which resulted in a 66-yard touchdown to Dan Barron on the next play. So that was another important difference between the sides today.

Upset of the century? Well, certainly the best day of my international coaching career ever.
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Posted on 2012-07-13 9:56:56
As special as it was to beat the USA tonight, it's only one game, one swallow doesn't make a summer and all that.

We've got Bosnia and Herzegovina next week. If New Zealand can beat the USA, Bosnia could beat New Zealand. Especially if I do something silly like forget to check the team after training to ensure no one in the starting lineup is injured. (How embarrassing would THAT be after such a coup!) So that's definitely not a team or a match to take for granted. I shall savour this moment, but it's back down to business after that.
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Posted on 2012-07-13 16:14:30
I'll just add some applause to ensure you know there's some acknowledgement.




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Posted on 2012-07-13 16:28:53
Sleuthmeister wrote:

New Zealand 31 USA 28

No, your eyes do not deceive you. THE BLACK HELMETS BEAT THE USA!!!

I'm disappointed that the US lost.. but man.. I'm really happy about Leota pulling off that upset! I've been waiting for a game like that in NT play from him!!

Congrats to you guys! Well done!
Toni Gorilla
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Posted on 2012-07-14 3:29:20
Congratulations. Classy win.
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Posted on 2012-07-15 6:10:07
Thanks Daudy, Reaus and Toni Gorilla.

I see that Bosnia and Herzegovina beat Switzerland 24-21 - so that was another pretty big upset. But what that also shows is that the Bosnians most assuredly CANNOT be taken lightly. If this first round is anything to go by, all the games in Group H could be pretty close, and no one can take any of the other teams for granted.
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Posted on 2012-07-21 1:03:15
Well would you believe it, after that glorious victory against the USA last week, we went and lost to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It was a close one again - the final score was 35-31. The first half was dead even, with both teams scoring 7 points each in the first two quarters to be locked at 14-14 when the half-time whistle blew. The third quarter was where the match was lost for NZ. The Bosnians scored 21 points (three touchdowns), while we could only manage 10 in reply. We did outscore them 7-0 in the final quarter, but it was too little too late by then.

So after walking on air last week, it's back down to earth with a massive thump this week. I can't say I'm that shocked though. Bitterly disappointed, yes, but not scratching my head in puzzlement. The Bosnians proved they were a force to be reckoned with when they upset Switzerland last week, and I could see from scouting their team that they have as good a side as anyone and would be no pushovers. I definitely didn't take them for granted, but they were just a little too good on the day.

This also confirmed what I was beginning to think last week - Group H is really anyone's group, and rankings aren't all that relevant. Any team in this group can beat any other team, by the looks of it.

Anyway, we've got Switzerland next week. They beat Mexico fairly comfortably to get themselves on the board. Here's hoping that match doesn't go the way of the last few America's Cup encounters between the two countries! Either way though, it certainly won't be plain sailing!
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Posted on 2012-07-27 19:12:43
Good Luck! I fed Leota some carbs last night so he'd have energy today.. and brought in a couple of nice young ladies so he'd sleep good last night!

He should be ready to go!
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