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National Team
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Posted on 2010-07-18 8:53:23
National teams are apparently being launched early this coming week.

So who wants to manage the New Zealand team? I could give it a shot, if no one else wants it. The most successful NZ teams would be the Auckland Raiders and my own Shaky Islanders, I think. So most of the NZ national players would probably come from these two sides.
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Posted on 2010-07-22 11:34:39
Yeah, I think so, too.
If nobody of you want to take the job, I could offer myself,
although I think you and Jake would be a much better choice.

Nevertheless I hope we get the team rolling =D
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Posted on 2010-07-25 8:44:52
I've thrown my hat in the ring.

Anyone else who's applied to be NZ Coach, please post it here (or maybe we could have a sepaarate election thread).
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Posted on 2010-07-27 9:04:22
Then I won't apply
We also need a thread for the Players.
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Posted on 2010-07-28 9:37:58
Smoke wrote:

We also need a thread for the Players.

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Posted on 2010-08-17 4:14:26
It's official: I'm the NZ National Coach.

Just hope to God I don't go backrupt before my tenure is up. Getting knocked out of the Regional Cup so early this season was really NOT helpful! (Thanks a lot for that, Jake!) But I'll do my utmost to hang in there, even if I have to sell just about everything I have in the process (Training Centre is already gone; Youth Academy might be next, although I'll probably look at trying to cut some players first).

But enough about my financial worries. Time to address matters of the national team.

First issue: team colours. Maybe an all black helmet, or a black and white one, seeing as those are the traditional NZ colours. Any other thoughts though?

Secondly: team name. I'm not sure whether we can actually have a name officially added to the NZ team page. What about the Black Helmets? (If in fact we go for an all black, or at least predominantly black helmet.)

Thirdly: Offsite forum (to discuss detailed team business in secret). If enough of you are on Facebook, then I suggest a closed Facebook forum that you can only get into by invitation. However, if you're happy discussing players, tactics, formations etc. right here, then fine. An offsite forum should at least be considered though.

Finally, I have made some team selections. Not 100% happy with it, but we really don't have a massive player pool to choose from, so in some areas, we may be forced to make do. I've made some detailed notes about the players I've chosen so far, which I could share in the Players Thread or wait until we get an offsite forum. There are about a dozen slots that could still be filled, so a wee bit of room to move.

I suppose another thing we could do is communicate by private message. If it's basically down to me, Jake and Smoke, that might be just about as good as a secret forum.
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Posted on 2010-08-29 8:59:25
Wow, great response to the discussion issues!

The team helmet is a suitably NZ all black one. And indeed, the unofficial team name (unless someone can come up with something better) is the Black Helmets.

I was having a little spy in the German forum just now (seeing as I can read German rather well). The Germans are in our group, along with the Italians. And while they're worried about the Italians, they don't rate us at all. Not least because there are not many players with big wages. Trouble is, we just don't have them. However, I don't think wages are based on fitness skills, and there are a number of players in the national team with pretty good fitness skills, so that may compensate slightly for the lower overall core skills. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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Posted on 2010-12-10 0:45:56
The coaching position is now up for grabs. (I haven't resigned; all the existing coaches have been "fired" as the second World Cup cycle gets under way.)

Happy to do it again if no one else wants it. Struggling a bit for solvency though. (At least I have a bot in the Regional Cup this time, but the damn thing doesn't start nearly soon enough for my liking.) If someone else (Jake? Smoke?) wants it however, then I'll be happy to back them.

With our limited pool of talent, managing the NZ side is a pretty thankless task. But if we get a more favourable draw next time, then who knows? We did at least manage to upset Italy under my reign, the solitary highlight of my tenure, and a personal highlight of my entire time in Grid-Iron.
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Posted on 2010-12-15 18:18:27


Ipropose my best WR for your NT :
Mike Reddy :12 catching ; 13 speed ; 19 Teamwork ; 20 regulary

Thanx for reading
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Posted on 2010-12-18 22:34:13
Someone else will have to take over the coaching role this season; I'm in deep financial shit, and with a second consecutive away game this week, I'm toast as far as bankruptcy goes.
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