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Approved suggestions
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Posted on 2008-10-11 13:32:09
This is the approved suggestions sticky. If your suggestion is already here then don't post it again

1.) Player numbers
2.) Description of where the play is taking place - Engine v2
3.) Search for online managers
4.) 2 point conversion - Engine v2
5.) Training camp
6.) Report cheating button (now through the Contact us button/Cheat report tab)
7.) More varied passing (passing to running backs, tight ends and wide receivers) - Engine v2
8.) An option that would allow you to see your past match orders
9.) Team Stats page
10.) Chat
11.) Head Coach or a Coordinator that will add to the offensive or defensive aspect of the game
12.) Forum bookmarks (Supporters only)
13.) Penalties
14.) Country Lounge
15.) Friendly game challenge pool
16.) Stats - Passes Completed, Passing TD's - Engine v2
17.) Highlighted player if the player is used on more than 1 position in the formation.
18.) Intra-squad Scrimmage
19.) "Cautious/Aggressive" setting for Defense
20.) Remove a player from "Current Bids"
21.) Onside Kick
22.) Stats - Punts, Punt(lng), Punts(yrd) - Engine v2
23.) Height and weight for players - Engine v2
24.) 3 characters for date next to Grid Iron time (+ FAQ)
25.) Show teams total when not in top 100
26.) Load/Save Match Orders by Offense and/or Defense
27.) Teams position at the end of the season on the team stats page
28.) Last seconds kick - when in range - Engine v2
29.) Auto-scroll live text
30.) Check if the formation is legal or not when saving formation
31.) Selling food and drinks at the games (based on weather)
32.) PR-manager
33.) Selling shirts, helmets, etc. in the club shop
34.) Full overtime for cup finals and Iron Bowl
35.) Previous/Next buttons
36.) Link inside posts to other posts
37.) Training intensity for individual player (*t4279)
38.) Stadium Dome (*t4839)
39.) Additional info on the staff page (balance/funds needed)
40.) Rework of ad section - auto insert skill values (with/without talent)
41.) Make it possible to see Height and Weight in the youth academy

Please note: The order of these suggestion is random. When and if we choose to implement them is up to us.
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