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Fun Cup
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Posted on 2022-06-02 20:58:52
I am looking to start a friendly cup modeled on the DACH Cup, so sorry if this looks very similar to theirs.

- The cup is divided into three leagues. A league has two divisions. So there are six divisions in total. 36 teams in total. This will be adjusted based on interest in the Cup.

- There will be 6 teams in a division, so there will be 5 games per round.

- Each team of the respective division only plays against each other once, there is no second half of the season.

- Every manager should try to challenge his opponent to a friendly game according to the schedule. Of course, a manager can also simply accept the opponent's challenge, provided it is the right opponent.

- The deadline for accepting the games is Friday at 11:59 p.m. If you don't accept after that, you automatically lose and the other team gets credited with a 28-0 win. For this, the manager must write a post in this thread and give the other team a chance to justify themselves. If both managers want to make up for a missed game, this can happen after the regular schedule has ended. But it doesn't have to.

- However, if you do not accept the games in time 3 times, you can be excluded from the current and future round of the Cup. All outstanding opponents are then automatically awarded a 28-0 win.

Special regulation: You are on vacation, have no internet or are absent for a longer period of time. To do this, however, you have to write a forum post and thus inform us. A solution will definitely be found.

- After the regular five matchdays, the playoffs for some teams will take place.
The two division leaders in the first league play the game for the championship of the current DACH Cup round. There is glory and honor to be won!
The winners of the divisions of the second and third league play the promotion to the next higher league. Only the winner rises.
The bottom of the divisions of the first and second league fight in a duel against relegation. The loser of this game is relegated.
If two teams should have the same win/loss ratio after 5 games, their point differential decides!
All other teams that are not involved in the playoffs have no game this week.

- In the seventh week, all teams have no play and thus have the opportunity to collect flags, etc.

- The next round of the Cup starts in the following week.

You are welcome to apply for a place in the DACH Cup here in the forum or via PM to Asunder343. I will try to get you into the next Cup in a timely manner.

I look forward to your participation! Have fun and good luck!
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