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Match with no defense
SrednaDGI Supporter
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Posted on 2021-06-08 7:28:28
Camillo wrote:

SrednaD wrote:

On pass, we have similar technic, but here the engine checks for tackles at DL level first (either pressure or sack), then LB/CB and finally SF/CB, but since no information is given on tackles on competed passes, we can only guess.

Your 'tackles' in pass-defense are not quite accurate, coach

First tackle comes from a CB or an OLB, second tackle comes from a MLB or Safety.

One of the stranger 'features' in this game, is the lines in defense vary depending on the form of attack.

When defending against Running the lines are what is known from real life (I think):
D-line, Linebackers and Secondary.

But when defending against Passing two of the lines are different:

Linebackers ===> CB's + OLB's

Secondary =====> MLB's + Safeties.

Thank you for the clarification - my point (a bit of topic) was the way the engine seems to calculate the run distance and if no Safties are in play, a missed tackles from DL and LB result in a TD.

It is actually possible to make a defensive line-up with no MLB and no SF (5 DL, 4 CB and 2 OLB). Perhaps worth a test to see if passing TD's then result in one or two missed tackles?

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